All-On-4™ Treatment

It is common knowledge that removable dentures are no longer the technology of choice when it comes to teeth replacement, with some alternatives within now available for patients.

At Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Centre located on the Sunshine Coast QLD, we offer the All-On-4™ treatment for our eligible patients seeking partial or full jaw tooth replacement.

All-On-4™ treatment is popular for patients who have been wearing dentures for a while and want a permanent solution for their missing teeth. All-On-4™ is also suitable for patients who don’t have enough jawbone density to support more than four singular dental implants.

Dentures and All-On-4: What’s the difference?

A common link with patients and dentures is a lack of confidence when speaking and eating as dentures can slip and fall out. With waning jawbone density becoming a frequent concern for our patients, we are passionate about providing patients with the option of All-On-4™ treatment.

The All-On-4™ treatment includes a design using four implants in the upper and lower jaw for toothless patients. The two implants towards the back of the mouth will be placed on a slight angle which then increases the implant to jawbone contact. This can increase the chance of implant success even if you do not have a lot of jawbones to work with.

Your prosthetic will then be fitted on top of your four dental implants – removing any awkward denture moments while eating or speaking.

Benefits of the All-On-4™ procedure

The All-On-4™ treatment is proven to have positive results:

  • All-On-4™ are easy to clean, with just the usual brushing twice and flossing.
  • No need to use any adhesive because the All-On-4 doesn’t require glueing – it is fixed permanently!
  • Greater comfort as the All-On-4™ doesn’t press down on your gums
  • Restores your natural facial features
  • Enhance the feel and taste of your food in the mouth
  • Up to 70% more bite pressure
  • Prevention of further bone deterioration

Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Centre will work with you toward finding the right treatment plan. Patients who have, over time, suffered from bone loss may require a bone graft technique to be prepared for the procedure.

With permanent same-day replacements for either upper or lower jawlines, it’s a wonder you didn’t invest in the All-On-4 sooner.

Book a consultation with Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Centre on the Sunshine Coast, QLD to find out more about the All-On-4™ procedure.