April 14, 2022 at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital saw a new surgical / reconstructive procedure bringing together consultants from the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne to provide a 60-year-old female patient with brand new teeth. Mrs L had a poor, heavily restored and broken-down dentition. She had a strong gagging reflex and claustrophobia, making it difficult for her to receive dental treatment.

Collaboration between Sunshine Coast Prosthodontist, Dr Ramman Oberoi (Budderim) and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Ian Wilson (Birtinya) and a Melbourne Prosthodontist, Dr Philip Tan led to digitised planning of a guided surgical approach to placing implants and replacing her entire dentition with new implant-supported fixed bridges in one day. This collaboration involved several zoom meetings to discuss the surgical and restorative plan and to review the development of the guided surgical process, which resulted in seamless implant placement and bridge insertion at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital within a few hours.

Whilst guided dental implant surgery has been around for a few years, it relies on the existing teeth to provide reference points for the surgical guides. When all the teeth are removed, this can create difficulty in obtaining a stable platform for the surgical guides, thereby potentially creating problems for any bridge construction. Dr Tan has developed the AuDentes® system which facilitates this process to reliably go from natural teeth to implant-supported fixed bridges all at once, in a single procedure. This enables the patient to go to sleep with their broken-down teeth and awake with new custom-designed and manufactured bridges, ultimately leaving the hospital with a completely new set of teeth.

Unlike the conventional “All-on-4” method, the AuDentes® technique does not require impressions and a few days of procedures to finalise your bridges in your swollen mouth after surgery. Rather, the extractions, implant placement and bridge construction is completed in one operation. AND some components and procedures are covered under Medicare and your private hospital insurance.

The guided surgery planning for the lower jaw bridge.

If you are unhappy with your teeth and need to consider options to replace them with new dental implant-supported bridges, contact us for a consultation or for more information on this exciting new and unique treatment option, contact Dr Ramman Oberoi, 07 5444 5679 https://www.rammanoberoi.com.au/ or Dr Ian Wilson, 1800 623338 http://suncoastoms.com.au/

Dr Ramman Oberoi

Dr Ian Wilson

Dr Philip Tan

Mrs L Before Surgery

Mrs L 2 weeks after surgery